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  • 1. how does it work?
    Drive and earn, it’s as simple as that! What we are trying to achieve here is to maintain your current lifestyle while adding more value along the way. Just a few steps: • Sign up and be a brand ambassador • Customise your car with the brand you like And you are all set to earn while you drive!
  • 2. how do I earn?
    Once you sign up as a driver and become a brand ambassador, your car will be a moving artwork which helps brands to create awareness. In return, you will be rewarded with points which then can be converted to cash. So, what are you waiting for? Jom carching with us!
  • 3. I’m not based in Klang Valley, can I still sign up?
    At the current stage we will only be covering Klang Valley, but we are also in the midst of preparing for other major cities across Malaysia. Sign up now to be a part of this journey and stay tuned as we zoom into other cities!
  • 4. is this open to all types of cars?
    Yes! we don’t judge by the size and model of your car. So long as your car is in good condition you are welcome to sign up. However, we do prioritise cars that are still with their original paint and are below 10 years of age.
  • 5. what if I don’t own a car?
    You will need to have your own car (registered under your name) to sign up with us. However, we always support the hustlers, so do connect with us if you wish to sign up without your own car and our team will assist you.
  • 6. do I need to pay anything to be part of carching?
    No, it’s free for all! Just a few simple steps to sign up and you are ready to earn some $$$ in no time.
  • 7. why do I need to provide personal information?
    All the information requested is to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly, and we are able to offer you any good deals that suit your taste. Don’t worry, we will not share any information gathered without your consent.
  • 8. I have signed up as a driver, what’s next?
    Great, you are all set! Find a brand that you like and join its campaign. Then, drive to work as usual and log in your journey; while we do all the heavy lifting.
  • 9. what if the campaign has been filled?
    We know this might be frustrating but fret not, you will be included in the waiting list and will be notified if there’s another driver who pulls out. Or you can always choose another campaign to participate in. Explore more and you might find a lagi best offer that suits you too!
  • 10. What should I expect during installation?
    Before you arrive at our workshop, please make sure to wash your car so that it is clean and free of dust. Upon arrival at the workshop, our installer will take 3-5 minutes to do an inspection on your car’s condition. Do note that our installer has a right to reject your car if it does not meet the minimum requirements. After the inspection, you are required to scan the QR code provided by the installer to proceed with the installation process. Installation process will take approximately 1-2 hours depending on the car’s size, shape or design of the sticker. You will receive a notification once the installation is done.
  • 11. oh no, I missed the appointment! What should I do?
    Once the appointment is set, the prints would have started production and manpower would have been allocated. We would like to remind you to be mindful of your appointment date. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, our team will assist you to reschedule a new appointment, once only. If it occurs again, there may be penalties or fines imposed. So be sure to mark your calendar right! For further details, please read our cancellation and missed appointment policy in the User Agreement.
  • 12. what if I can’t collect my car on time?
    We are unable to guarantee that there will be sufficient spaces available to house your car after the installation is complete. If there is, great! You may collect your car when you can. However, please do be mindful that your car may cause inconvenience to our partners and disrupt their business operations. And we won't want that now, do we?
  • 13. what if the sticker damages my car?
    We will do a thorough inspection before allowing you to proceed with installation. However, the risk is higher if your car has been in an accident and resprayed. The stickesr can indeed affect your car paint. Therefore carching can not be held liable for further damages. If you notice any changes on your car condition after removing the stickers, you may contact us immediately.
  • 14. how long is a campaign?
    Campaign durations are depending on the brands' requirements. In general, most campaigns will last 1 to 3 months but there will be special projects that will last up to 1 year.
  • 15. can you remove the sticker by myself?
    Unfortunately, that is not allowed. We will arrange for removal right before the campaign ends, so don't you worry! Everything is provided for.
  • 16. what if I got into an accident while the campaign is still running?
    Sorry for that, please let us know about it as soon as possible.
  • 17. what can I do with the points earned?
    You can convert your points to money anytime je you nak, but be reminded that any points rewarded from the drive will be subjected to validation at the end of the month.
  • 18. can my points conversions be rejected?
    Yes, it is possible. Our team will review the journeys submitted. If we detect any irregularities, we will reach out to you for further clarification.
  • 19. who should I contact if I have more questions?
    Sure thing, feel free to reach out to us via email at

so what is carching?

Well, we’re a bunch of drivers like you that want to make the driving experience just a liiiiittle bit more fun and rewarding. With carching, you will be able to connect with other drivers and be rewarded for simply moving around, living your life!


We know what you’re thinking and NO, we’re not another ride-sharing or delivery company!

The best part? You don't have to change your lifestyle - in fact, we’re here to improve it!


Interested to learn how you can get more value every time you drive? Simply click the sign up button below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


Don’t say we bojio!

Image by Joseph Chan

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